Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Children’s Grief Awareness Day
November 17, 2016

At Good Grief, we know that grief is a psychosocial experience, and how grieving children respond to the death and loss of a loved one is heavily influenced by the response of their surrounding community. We believe that creating a culture of empathy and compassion is one of the best things we can do to help support grieving children and their families. Too often children grieving the loss of a loved one will experience significant stigma and ultimately isolation, often from lack of awareness and understanding of how to be supportive.

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is an opportunity for Good Grief and similar organizations throughout the country to raise awareness about the needs of grieving children. By raising awareness we hope to normalize death and grief as a natural part of life in order to reduce some of the fear, stigma, and resulting isolation that occurs. Raising awareness about the needs of grieving children and their families is a significant first step toward creating systemic change around death and grief in our society.

We hope you join Good Grief, hundreds of other grief centers, and thousands of people across the country to help us raise awareness on this special day. Together, we can create a culture in which no child ever has to grieve alone.

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