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When someone experiences a loss we all want to help. Good Grief's educational workshops are tailored to meet the goals of workshop participants. While we debunk myths about grief, we also provide you with tools to be helpful in the life of a grieving child, teen, neighbor or co-worker. When you offer to support a grieving family, you'll have insights on what to do, what to say, and what not to say. Our expertise will provide your organization with a meaningful and informative workshop experience.

Educational Workshops

Participants who attend our workshops tell us that they feel that their personal lives are improved because they have enhanced their communication and listening skills and have developed the ability to support someone experiencing physical or emotional pain. Similarly, children who participate in our educational programs tell us that they feel "relieved" and "happy" that adults are openly talking about a topic in ways that demonstrate understanding of their questions and fears. Whether you are a professional, know a community member in need, or an organization that wants to be prepared, our workshops will help to provide you with skills to appropriately support the grieving.

Business & Corporate Workshops

Good Grief's workshops are designed to meet your company's needs. After assessing your situation, we customize a workshop to provide you with support, tools to understand loss, and knowledge to build a more resilient and healthy community. Topics could include supporting a grieving co-worker, preparing for layoffs, coping with the illness of a peer or any of the suggestions below.

  • First Responders – Caring for witnesses and families at the time of loss
  • Applying Your Professional Skills – Work with what you have
  • Supporting a Co-worker or Employee
  • Nursing Wounds versus Nursing Grief
  • How to Listen Without a Stethoscope
  • Brownies & Babysitters – Supporting a bereaved neighbor
  • Seeing Grief in Everyday Life – Honoring the departed
  • Strategies for Supporting Grief Disenfranchised Loss –Honoring diverse losses
  • Creating Rituals for Mourning
  • Cultural Diversity

For Professionals

We will be offering a series of workshops for nurses, pyschologists and school professionals for CEU credits. Check back for more information.

Grief at School

Good Grief's interactive workshops provide teachers and students with the ability to support a grieving person in reaction to the death of a student, parent or teacher. We offer workshops for teacher in-services, school assemblies, health classes, and during times of grief. All workshops are tailored to the needs of the school and community. Some suggestions are listed below:

  • ABC's Grief in the Classroom and Teaching Life's Lessons
  • Batman and Bambi: Speaking openly about what kids already know and see on television
  • Leave your Hammer Behind: Letting go of our need to fix
  • Understanding the Grieving Process
  • Developmental Aspects of Childhood and Grieving


"Understanding Grief and Loss"

Our workshops are designed specifically for professionals working in school settings: teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, and administrators. Good Grief is one of the largest, nationally recognized children's bereavement centers and serves families from more than 175 communities throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. 

There are four environments that are most important in a grieving student's life: the family unit, the peer group, schools, and the community at large. Because of this, school personnel are vital members of a grieving student's environmental system that will greatly effect how a student responds after loss. These workshops are designed to provide school personnel with important insights and valuable tools to support grieving students in schools.

Check in: 8:30am

Workshops: 9:00am-3:00pm

Confronting the “Elephant in the Room”

Princeton: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Morristown: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Creating a Culture of Empathy in Schools

Fall 2016 – Dates TBD

Registration is limited to 25 and will be confirmed by email. In order to avoid being closed out, register as soon as possible.

For further information: | 609-924-6674 x8013