FAQ For Volunteers

What qualifications do I need to facilitate a group?

Kindness. At the core of the Good Grief volunteer experience is compassion and empathy. If you can listen, show that you care, and trust the process then you have what it takes.

What other volunteer opportunities are there besides becoming a group facilitator?

Good Grief offers many volunteer opportunities, such as hospitality during a Night of Support, gardening, clerical work, event planning and so much more!

What if I can’t make the training/promise a one year commitment?

Consistency is one of the most important things a grieving child can experience. Consistently present and empathic adults are crucial. If you can’t make the commitment to facilitation then we’ll find just the right fit for you.

How often do groups meet/how much of my time will it take to facilitate a group?

Groups meet every two weeks. You’ll be assigned to one group and see the same faces every time.
Your commitment is 5:45-9:30pm every two weeks.

Am I allowed to facilitate if I know a family who participates in the support groups?

Absolutely. We’ll work with you to ensure there aren’t any conflicts.

If I attend the training, do I have to become a facilitator?

After the training some people decide it’s not the right fit or not what they expected . After the training you’ll apply to be a facilitator and
work with staff to find the right group. It’s okay if you decide not to continue, but the facilitator training is only for those looking to facilitate. Workshops and other trainings are available for those seeking CEUs or other grief skills.

What if I can’t pay the training fee?

Good Grief would never turn anyone away. The fee is to offset the cost of the training materials so that the funds can be spent on the kids. If you can’t pay we will work with you. All are welcome here!

I have a time conflict with the training, can I leave early?

Sorry. The training is full of great content and important learning. We require completion of the entire training.

Do I need to attend the training orientation?

The brief training orientation helps us to know each other better and answer those preliminary questions. It is a component
of the training and it is required.

Do I get to pick what age group I facilitate?

Yes. You will work with the staff to find just the right fit.

Are there any other training requirements or opportunities once I become a facilitator?

Yes. We provide continuing eduation workshops throughout the year. Active facilitators are required to attend
a minimum of three workshops.