Become a Group Facilitator

Role of a Facilitator

Good Grief’s mission is dependent on the compassion and creativity of its volunteers. A facilitator has many characteristics, but the most noticeable attribute is empathetic listening. The role of the volunteer facilitator is to provide a safe, caring and sharing environment where grieving children can express themselves through words, art, drama, writing or physical play. A support group consists of 10 participants, all of whom are similar in age. Support groups are intended for children, teens, young adults, and adults to express their emotions and mourn with other people experiencing a similar loss. Support groups do not consist of counseling or therapy, and our objective is not to “fix” children or their families. Volunteers are supported and supervised by Good Grief staff.

Commitment of a Facilitator

Volunteers attending the training must be able to commit to facilitating a children or adult support group for one year. Good Grief support groups meet on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings from September through June. The commitment is from 6:00-9:15 pm biweekly. We support our facilitators with a half an hour Pre-Group, which is a time to reflect on the evening and get support with other facilitators, before meeting with their group on a Night of Support. After facilitators meet with their group, they will have time to prepare for the night with their co-facilitator, sharing and discussing the planned activity, their role and facilitation. Finally, the Night of Support concludes with a half an hour Post-Group , which is a time for all the facilitators to convene and reflect on the night. The Post Group is fundamental to the facilitator’s self-care, and it is a time to share how the evening has affected the facilitator. The intent is to create a safe space for facilitators to share the effect painful and joyful stories have on them, without the evening having detrimental effects on the facilitator’s personal life.

How to Get Involved—Facilitator

All interested facilitators must participate in our 36–hour Facilitator Training. The Facilitator Training is strictly for those who are interested in volunteering at Good Grief and making the one year commitment. To be placed on the registration list, please complete the Registration Form and return it to our Volunteer Recruiter. The sooner we receive the registration materials, the more able we will be to reserve your spot in the training.

If you have any questions regarding the training or the role of a facilitator please do not hesitate to contact our Volunteer Recruiter at 908-522-1999 x8003 or at To find the dates of the next Facilitator Training go to our Upcoming Training page.

If this role does not meet your talents and abilities, you may still be a part of Good Grief in other capacities. Please visit our Ways to Volunteer page for descriptions of various other volunteer opportunities at Good Grief.