About Our Program

Good Grief provides peer-support groups for children, teens and young adults who have lost a parent or sibling to death. We also provide group support for the children’s surviving parent(s) or caretaker. Our Night of Support groups meet either on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night from 6:30-8:30pm in Morristown or 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays in Princeton. Families are assigned to a specific Night of Support and attend with that same group every other week.These groups are free of charge.

Through our special Bear Makin’ Project, enrolled families may have a soft bear created from the clothing of those who have died. For additional information see the Bear Project page.

For a list of other resources, tips, and recommended readings please see our Resources page.

How To Access Peer Support Services

  1. For support at our Morristown home, please contact our Family Coordinator, Terry Blagdon, at 908-522-1999 x8012 or Terry@good-grief.org to set up a Family Orientation appointment. For support at our Princeton home, please contact our Program Coordinator, Patty Ryan, at 609-498-6674 x8006 or patty@good-grief.org.

  2. Visit our home for your family orientation. See our Family Orientation page for details about what to expect.

  3. Fill out post-orientation paperwork to complete the enrollment process for our Nights of Support, which will be emailed to you following your orientation.

  4. Come to your first Night of Support. See our What Happens on a Night of Support page for a detailed schedule of the evening.

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