Grief is a topic most would like to avoid, as it often makes us feel uncomfortable and we find ourselves feeling awkward while trying to say and do the right things for our co-workers and friends. But, what has become apparent, is the fact that grief touches us all in various forms whether at work or at home. Your presentation delivered valuable information in a way that all of us could relate to and provided us with the toolkit, so to speak, of what to say and do and what not to say and do while helping those around us dealing with grief.Participant of Corporate Education Workshop

Good Grief offers a variety of educational workshops to schools, corporations, and organizations throughout New Jersey and nationwide. All of our workshops are catered to the needs of the community. Good Grief’s educational presentations are a vital component of how we equip classrooms, leaders, teams, and helpers to be informed and prepared to make a significant impact on the bereaved. By providing education and resources to schools, health organizations, community partners, religious organizations, and corporations, Good Grief is changing the face of grief and communities to think about prevention and intervention.

We offer these workshops to

The American Federation of Teachers identified grief education as their number one training need. For over a decade, Good Grief has proactively addressed this need. We provide workshops to teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, teaches and students. By equipping schools with the tools and knowledge they need, we keep kids healthy where they live and learn.


Our corporate partners are among many corporations that have benefited from our lunch-and-learns, custom seminars, coaching, and policy review. Learn to better lead in times of crisis and transition, support employees, lower absenteeism, and create a culture that mirrors your mission with Good Grief’s professional development.


From coaches to churches, rotaries to book clubs, every group of people confronts loss and looks for ways to get help or mobilize themselves to become the helper. Whether you’re interested in learning more about grief, process a community tragedy, or looking to develop skills to become effective helpers, Good Grief provides customized resources to support your community or organization.

The Community

These comprehensive and transformative workshops are designed to equip adults with the skills, self-awareness, tools, and empathic presence needed to support a grieving child. The curricula is a combination of didactic and interactive lectures combined with experiential exercises and learning.

Good Grief workshops are uniquely tailored to each individual audience and provide Professional Development hours for teachers, school social workers, and student assistance counselors.

The tone of the workshop was perfect. I felt very welcomed and encouraged to participate, ask questions, and actively learn. I came back to school today and one of the first students to come to my office is one of the students in my grief group. I would definitely recommend the workshop to any counselor, teacher or individual who works with kids.Participant of Understanding Grief and Loss workshop

Parenting Grieving Children Series

Good Grief also provides education to parents of grieving children through our “Parenting Grieving Children Series.” We believe that supporting a grieving child in all of their social and physical environments is incredibly important in determining how grief will impact their overall health. These workshops are designed to equip parents with the opportunity to learn concrete skills and tools that will help them to improve in communication with their child, advocate for themselves and their child’s needs, and have a better understanding of how to facilitate their child’s grief journey within the home.