Who We Are


About Us


Good Grief provides FREE support to children, teens, and young adults after the death of a mom, dad, brother, or sister. Our programs help participants develop the coping skills they need now and for the future. Peer-support is highly effective because children and families learn they are not alone, learn from those going through something similar, and are given opportunities to express their feelings and share memories. At Good Grief, we know that a supportive community makes all the difference!

Good Grief's also normalizes grief by providing education to professionals, community organizations, schools, and elsewhere.  Programs are also offered for English and Spanish speaking families. In 2013 we will begin providing Spanish-speaking programs thanks to a generous contribution from the New York Life Foundation.

 Our History


In 2004, Good Grief was founded by a group of men and women concerned about the needs of children grieving the death of a parent or sibling. Sadly, a significant number of families experience this loss each year. In order to address the needs of children we assembled professionals, families, and community leaders to educate people about the effects grief has on children, including the emotional, social, and economic impact grief has when healthy coping skills are not developed. Through many voices, a vision was born which then led us to offer free programs starting in 2007.

Since our inception ten years ago, we have helped thousands of children and their families from more than 150 communities throughout New Jersey with our programs in Morristown and Princeton and workshops both statewide and nationally. Today our vision continues to grow as we set out to ensure that every child in New Jersey has access to Good Grief's free programs. With 20,000 kids in New Jersey experiencing the death of a mom or dad each year, in addition to the many children who lose a brother or sister, Good Grief is an investment in their future. We are working to build a better tomorrow for our children and envision the day when no child has to grieve alone. 

What's Ahead


Good Grief's Board of Trustees and staff have mapped out a strategic road map for the next ten years. We plan to open centers to reach underserved communities and populations throughout New Jersey.  Additionally, our programs will continue to grow to meet demand.